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Music Scene on a Saturday in the Urban Core

Saturday, May 18th, was heavily influenced by music, split between 4 events I ended up attending.

The first of three pictured throughout this post is “33 Rotations” which was held at Cory Driscoll’s house and included performances and art by 11 different artists in the city. Moving from one space to the next between three intervals of music performances & film (living room, back house designed by Crystal Floyd, and the backyard). An incredibly talented group of attendees, as well as performers were present. My pictures here were mainly based on people experiencing the event, vs the performances.

The second event, “Waves” was held at Justice Pub downtown and the portion of it I got to attend was L.O.V.E. Culture (DOPE rap group) with Geexella as the DJ. Now THAT group can get the crowd going. I love listening to their recorded work, but they’re definitely one to witness in person.

The third event took place at Shantytown in Springfield, and was celebrating the birthdays of three people everyone in the nightlife and art scene should know; Jihan Grant, DJ Mas Appeal, and DJ Monsta. The vibe was more reggae / afrobeat / and latin infused and was the perfect way to wrap up the night.

The event not pictured was held at Don’t Miss a Beat in downtown, and had performance by the kids from the organization as well as a performance from the kids at Lavilla. The talent that’s oozing from the the youth in the city is IN CRED I BLE.

Whatever your vibe is, it can absolutely be found throughout the city. The day was in perfect alignment with my love of music and creatives. Stop sleeping on our city!