Urban Arts Tour - April 4th, 2017

All images by Toni Smailagic

The Cultural Council of Jacksonville put together a week of events dedicated to Public Art, and on day one we took a walking tour of Phase 1 of a 4 year project of adding public art to downtown.  

We met and were joined by 3 of the artists : Rafael Consuegra - sculpture, across the street from Chamblin's on Laura, Cecilia Lueza - columns on Hogan street, and Andrew Reid SHEd's columns on Bay street. There is one more walking tour on Friday that will include private projects as well as the ones we saw today - and if there's any chance for you to make it, I highly suggest getting to know what's going up (and will be going up) in downtown! They also introduce you to the opportunities specifically for artists, and those who wish to be involved in the Art in Public Spaces projects.