All venue spaces that work with the creative community on either accepting art work submissions, host shows, or are available to be rented out for events.

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1904 Music Hall

Music venue in downtown Jacksonville in the “Elbow” area of downtown. Shares a backyard with their counterpart restaurant “Spliffs”.

Address : 19 N Ocean St.

Phone : 904-345-5760

Email :

Website :

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600 King Street

Modern industrial warehouse space in Riverside, across from CoRK, ran by Christina Karst Photography. Not only is it her photography studio, but rents out as an amazing event space.

Address : 600 King st.

Email :

Website :


8103 Clothing Inc

8103 Clothing flagship store is located in Jacksonville Beach and is one of those hidden gems in the city. They run the 904 Pop-up market series, collaborating with a lot of artists / muralists / etc. around the city and create dynamic collectives in the space. Reach out to see if you can be involved in an upcoming show, or pitch an idea for a show yourself.

Address : 1500 Beach Blvd - Suite 318

Email :

Website :


927 Events

Beautiful 2 floor event space in downtown, with an Okuda mural painted on the outside. The venue offers catering, and has been rented out for everything from weddings to meetings. From first hand experience, the staff is incredibly easy to work with.

Address : 927 W Forsyth St.

Phone : 904-655-6603

Email :

Website :


Bold Bean

Although not a typical venue to rent, they very often collaborate with local creatives on exhibits, product launches, and events. If you’re looking to showcase your work, definitely send over a message and see if they’re currently looking for artists. They have multiple locations, and the one in San Marco is the newest edition.

Address : 1905 Hendricks Ave

Phone : 904-853-6545

Email :

Website :

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BREW 5 Points

BREW is a cafe located in 5 Points (Riverside) and is a hub for creative minds to meet. They talk artist submissions, as they switch out their exhibits monthly and are always looking for the next artist to showcase.

Address : 1024 Park St.

Phone : 904-374-5789

Email :


Brick and Beam

Brick and Beam opened in June 2019 and is located in Springfield, on the corner of Main and 1st (where the Springfield mural is). This space used to be The Pearl dance club, and was in limbo for quite a while. The current team has turned B&B into a GORGEOUS 2 floor event space with views of the downtown. I can see a lot of weddings taking place here, but they are new, so now’s your chance to pitch your idea!

Address : 1101 N Main St.

Phone : 904-374-2993

Email :

Website :

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Burrito Gallery - Brooklyn

Burrito Gallery has a few locations throughout the city, but the one highlighted is the one in the Brooklyn area of the city (in between downtown and Riverside). This one specifically, because they do have a rooftop, which is perfect in Spring / Fall. The space can be rented out for events!

Address : 90 Riverside Ave.

Phone : 904-355-4889

Email :

Website :


Cathedral Arts Project

Cathedral Arts Project is located in the middle of downtown on the third floor (right next to Chamblin’s). On the third floor, is where the Heather Moore Community Gallery is located and they do accept applications for exhibits. They’re a pleasure to work with and always looking to assist.

Address : 207 N Laura St. Ste 300

Phone : 904-281-5599

Website :



Cultivate is a beautiful eco-friendly shop in Riverside. It’s run by a mother-daughter duo and just has a warm energy as soon as you walk in. Although it is a shop, they do have a decent sized backyard where they allow it to be used for gatherings that align with their mission.

Address : 2766 Park St.

Phone : 904-619-6003

Email :

Website :


Hotel Palms

Hotel Palms is located in Atlantic Beach and is a cute hideout that most locals in that area know about. Besides it being a hotel, the courtyard that sits in the middle of the venue hosts a ton of events throughout the year and is available to be booked out. It’s more of a chill atmosphere, acoustic music, food, art shows, etc. Very friendly staff

Address : 28 Sherry Dr.

Phone : 904-241-7776

Email :

Website :


The Glass Factory

The Glass Factory is a massive industrial space located off Myrtle Ave. I’ve been to events ranging from galas and weddings to art markets there. If you’re looking for a space that will hold a large volume of people, this is the one. It does get hot in the summer time, so be prepared to install your own AC unit.

Address : 601 Myrtle Ave N.

Phone : 904-414-5277

Email :

Website :


Intuition Ale Works

Intuition is a popular Jax-based craft brewery located in downtown near the sports complex. It is quite a large space, and has a rooftop component, which makes it quite nice on warmer days. Both, the space in the back of the first floor, and the rooftop can be rented out as a venue space, if you’re looking to hold a larger volume of guests.

Address : 929 E Bay St.

Phone : 904-683-7720

Email :

Website :

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Jack Rabbits

Jack Rabbits is a music venue located in San Marco and has been a staple in the city for 2 decades now. It’s a more intimate setting, so perfect for indie artists to fill up a room and have a good time.

Address : 1528 Hendricks Ave.

Phone : 904-398-7496

Email :

Website :


Jax Makerspace

The Jax Makerspace is located in the back of the first floor of the main library downtown. It’s not a venue space to rent out, but it does have exhibitions that rotate every couple of months. If you’re interested in being considered, send them a message and see if they have any shows in the upcoming future that will align with what you’re working on. The second floor of the library is a space that can be rented, usually for parties and weddings (outdoor courtyard)

Address : 303 N Laura St.

Phone : 904-630-2754

Email :

Website :


Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

Karpeles Manuscropt Library Museum is as it sounds, a museum located in downtown. A large and beautiful building, that’s often rented out as a gallery and event space. They’re very easy to work with!

Address : 101 W 1st St.

Phone - 904-356-2992

Email :

Website :


Manifest Distilling

Manifest is a craft distillery located in downtown, around the corner from Intuition (near the sports complex). It’s a gorgeous / large industrial space that can be rented out for a multitude events. Whether it’s a birthday party, or a pop-up exhibition space.

Address : 960 East Forsyth St.

Phone : 904-619-1479

Email :

Website :



MOSH is the Museum of Science and History located in San Marco / Downtown area. Outside of the museum aspect, MOSH has a rooftoop that can be rented out for events that is under-utilized. It’s a gorgeous view of downtown, and gets a great breeze.

Address : 1025 Museum Cir

Phone - 904-396-6674

Email :

Website :


Myth Nightclub

Myth is a large nightclub located in downtown Jacksonville and is fairly new to the area. A ton of events are hosted here, and is available to rented out for private events. It is connected to Element Bistro, so food options are available.

Address : 333 E Bay St.

Phone : 904-438-5173

Email :

Website :



Nighthawks is a music venue located in Riverside. The venue is available to rent, not just for music concerts, but for art shows as well - as their backyard is mural-friendly and serves as a frequent artist hub.

Address : 2592 Roosevelt Blvd

Phone : 904-619-9978

Email :

Website :

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Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs is a staple in 5 Points (Riverside) and is a bar, that doubles as an intimate music / market venue in the back room. The back room is available to rent for events and the owner is very easy to work with.

Address : 1045 Park St.

Phone : 904-379-4969


Root Down

Root Down is a 5 Points favorite (Riverside) with tall white ceilings, and a beautiful backyard area. It’s more relaxed and a great meeting place where you can actually hear the person you’re next to. You can rent the space and host private events / gatherings.

Address : 1034 Park St.

Email :


The 5 & Dime

The 5 & Dime is a theater company located in downtown and founded close to a decade ago. Although their focus is incredible theater work that they create, they collaborate often with the community on events ranging from comedy to dance shows. They also have a gallery that’s curated by Yellow House that changes out periodically.

Address : 112 East Adams St.

Phone : 904-637-5100

Email :

Website :

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The Silver Cow

The Silver Cow is a cafe in Murray Hill that’s been around for a few years now. Very quaint / homey feel, and offers the ability for music artists to perform there. Very intimate and casual, and in a neighborhood that’s growing very fast.

Address : 929 Edgewood Ave South

Phone : 904-513-8621

Email :

Website :


Space 42

Space 42 is a gallery space spread throughout a 20,000 square foot warehouse in Riverside (next to CoRK). The space has been developing over the past couple of years, and continues to do so with a lot of exciting future plans. You can touch base with them to see if they have any opportunities coming up where an exhibit that’s being planned might align with your work. The space is sometimes rented out for special events, but you do have to inquire about additional details.

Address : 2670 Phyllis St.

Phone : 888-421-9922

Email :

Website :


That Poor Girl Vintage

Yes, a vintage shop! But, not just any vintage shop. It’s the cool kids vintage shop that is constantly collaborating with different artists of all mediums. Album releases, art shows, intimate gatherings, pop-ups, and film projects are all possibilities here. The owner is awesome to work with and very open to experimentation.

Address : 3120 Beach Blvd

Phone : 904-525-0490

Email :

Website :


Yellow House

Yellow House is a gallery space located in Riverside (across the street from CoRK), and is literally a yellow house. A lot of my favorite exhibits have come in and out of this space over the past two years, and is a hub for community / dialogue / art / and activism. The space is available to rent for specific events and public meetings. Send a message to see if any artwork is being accepted for any upcoming exhibits.

Address : 577 King St.

Phone : 904-419-9180

Email :

Website :