"Burn After Reading" - Closing Reception at Space 42

All images by Toni Smailagic / @Cre8Jax | @ToniSmailagic

The closing reception of “Burn After Reading” happened on the night of January 12th at Space 42, a gallery space that’s quickly expanding and gaining the recognition it deserves in Riverside.

Artist, Jason Tetlak, created 3d paintings with encrypted messages that showed themselves once the light switched to red. This is also one of those rare closing receptions that’s more interesting than the opening, as all the pieces that were not sold, were to be burned (hence, Burn After Reading). As the fire emerges in the back of Space 42, the audience members were each given a ticket stub. Before the burning of each painting, a ticket was called and the audience member was welcome to come up and save the painting by spinning a wheel and following the instructions on the wheel (ranging from an open bidding, paying whatever cash is in your pocket, to doing a physical activity). All but two paintings ended up being saved, in an interesting way. A lot of members leaving with a piece of art for free or a fraction of the cost of the actual pieces.

I look forward to seeing what ideas are sparked locally from those that were in attendance. Until then, follow up with Space 42 as they have some incredibly exciting events popping up this year.

(A special birthday celebration happened throughout the night to one of the biggest supporters of our arts community, Heather Moore. Happy Birthday to you <3 )