DuvalFolx Vol 5 : Family Reunion

All images by Toni Smailagic || www.ToniSmailagic.com / @Cre8Jax @ToniSmailagic

DuvalFolx is a party created by Geexella about a year ago in Jacksonville. It centers queer people of color, but welcomes all as long as rules are followed :

Ask Pronuns | Don’t Touch People | No Sexism | No Racism | No Ableism | No Transphobia | No Ageism | No Homophobia | No Fathobia

The 5th party took place at 1904 in downtown and centered the music artists who have been elevating the city over the past year. It’s the first time musicians were the focus, and wasn’t dance party specific. An incredible turnout and insane amount of talent passed through the doors and on the stage. The one year anniversary party is coming up, so stay in touch to find out the details!