Bobby K + MalcJax + Dustin Harewood

Images by Toni Smailagic / IG @ToniSmailagic

I'm just here to remind you that the theory that being in Jacksonville equates to boredom is absolutely false. "Only the boring get bored" 

Just one Saturday night 10/21/17 consisted of :

- Bobby K opened his new boutique in Murray Hill - which is EXQUISITE! The pieces he chose to carry in the store are local or directly from designers in the country. It's literally the store that I've been waiting for to hit Jacksonville. If Urban Outfitters was authentic - THIS would be it.

- Malcolm Jackson + team closed off their show at Space 42, "Candy : Land of Donks" and the turnout was amazing! It's always refreshing seeing mixtures of generations under the same roof with the common denominator being art! If you missed the opening, there were two new donks in the space and the energy and music was ON all night!

- Dustin Harewood + Hiromi Moneyhun 's show was at Bold Bean on Hendricks and seemed to be the meeting place and the start of everyone's night. Dustin + Hiromi are easily one of the favorites in Jacksonville, across the board, and the turnout was proof.